What is the Emergency Recovery Script?

Emergency recovery script is a standalone, single-file, WordPress-independent script created to recover a WordPress site in the most difficult situations.

When do you need access to the Recovery Emergency Script?

There are several situations you do not want to get in. But no matter the wishes, most WordPress users get stuck with the following problems at least once in their web lifetime:

  • Access to the admin is not possible, 
  • Core files are compromised (accidental delete or malware),
  • White-screen of death (nothing shows up but a blank sheet of digital paper),
  • You can't log in for whatever reason, 
  • You need to restore a snapshot but can't open WP admin
  • Your password-recovery emails are not coming through
  • You activated a bad plugin or theme that blocked the entire site

This is where the Recovery Emergency Script will help you out!

Available Tools:

Two ways to use the script: 

  1. Have it ready on the site in case of emergency - this is suggested only on test websites.
  2. Upload it only when needed - suggested for production (live) sites where big and potentially dangerous changes rarely happen. If they do, you can still quickly get access to your Emergency Recovery Script and save the day.

See it in action:

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