Reset user privileges and roles

User privileges and roles are used for creating different user types that can access & modify various parts of a site.

While administrators are capable of editing everything on a WordPress site, you do not want all of your users to do the same. By creating roles and giving privileges, you can control what each group of users can do. For example, you may allow authors to write new posts, while only editors will be able to edit other articles and publish the drafted ones. You can learn more about Roles and Capabilities from the official WordPress repository.

If something bad happened and you can't access the WP admin pages, you can quickly reset user privileges and roles. This will not touch individual user roles. It'll only make sure that the main role definition option is properly named and configured. If you have been messing with your database prefix and can't log in use this tool.

  1. Go to Support -> Emergency Recovery Script
  2. Open the Emergency Recovery Script, and use the password provided by the plugin to access it
  3. Find the "Reset user privileges and roles" section
  4. Click the "Reset user privileges and roles" button
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