Create Admin Account

When everything is working properly, all you need to do to create a new admin account is to go to Users -> Add New as an admin. All the settings will be available on one settings page, and you can add a new admin within just a few seconds.

But when something goes wrong, and you can't access your admin account (whether you've been hacked or a 3rd party plugin locked you out for some reason), the regular way of adding a new account won't be possible.

Luckily, you have access to the Emergency Recovery Script you can use to add a new admin account even if you're locked out of the WP admin:

  1. Navigate to Support -> Emergency Recovery Script
  2. Open the Emergency Recovery Script, and use the password provided by the plugin to access it
  3. Find "Create admin account:" section
  4. Type in the user name, password, and email (one that's not already in the system)
  5. Click on the "create admin account" button to create an account

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