Activate & Deactivate Plugins & Themes

WordPress plugins & themes contain extra code that extends WordPress functionality. That means they contain a lot of additional code & functions which are added to the system and can affect it positively as well negatively.

The code provided by the 3rd plugins & themes does not always benefit your WordPress site. Sometimes, badly coded plugins & themes may quickly render your website unusable, and if that's the case, the usual practice is to deactivate plugins and themes one by one until you find that one that caused trouble.

However, that means accessing your site via FTP and handling code. So, whether you're not sure how to do this, or you simply do not have time for manually activating or deactivating items, you can quickly do that using the Emergency Recovery Script:

  1. Navigate to Support -> Emergency Recovery Script
  2. Open the Emergency Recovery Script, and use the password provided by the plugin to access it
  3. find "Active Plugins" and "Active Theme" cards
  4. Choose a plugin or theme you want to activate or reactive and click on the button

Alternatively, if you want to disable all plugins to speed up the process, you can find the button do so at the bottom of the "Active Plugins" card. This action deactivates all the plugins you have had active, but it does not delete them.

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