WordPress URLs

When setting up a WordPress site, one of the first things you will face is WordPress and Site address.

The WordPress address points to the location where you installed WordPress core files, while the Site address is the URL of your site that leads visitors to your homepage.

In most cases, these two will be the same, but if you ever needed to change these addresses (especially if you have moved the files to another server) and you made a typo in the settings area, you know how unforgiving WordPress can be. A simple typo may cost you access to your site, and you will be left for tampering with core files to get it back.

The same goes for changing your site URL from HTTP to HTTPS. If you do it without a valid SSL certificate you probably won't be able to login.

Luckily, with the Emergency Recovery Script, you can change the WordPress URLs through a user interface instead:

  1. Navigate to Support -> Emergency Recovery Script
  2. Open the Emergency Recovery Script, and use the password provided by the plugin to access it
  3. Find "Create admin account" section
  4. Type in the username, the password you want to use, and your email
  5. Click on the "Create admin account button"
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