Add New Plugins or Themes to Collection

Once you add a new collection, you will have to populate it with plugins & themes to make it work.

WP Reset allows you to add both free items (located in the official WordPress repository), as well as custom plugins & themes that are provided in the ZIP form.

If you have a premium item that comes with a license key, you'll be happy to know that WP Reset allows you to insert the license key in the Collection as well, so those items can be automatically activated without your extra input. Don't worry; the licenses that you enter are still only a part of the Collection, and only visible & available to you. We know privacy and safety are important to you so we keep all licenses encrypted while they are stored on our servers.

How to Add new Plugin & Themes to a Collection

  1. Choose a card that represents a Collection that you want to populate
  2. Click on the "Add new plugin or theme" button within that card

You will be now presented with several options to choose from.

Can't add new plugins to your collection?

If you have created a collection, but now can't add new plugins or themes to it, please check if you have the Whitelabel mode enabled. When this mode is enabled, adding new items to Collections is not possible to prevent users from populating your private Collections.

If you still need to populate this specific Collection, simply access it from a plugin that wasn't white-labeled.


It allows you to choose if you want to add a plugin or theme.


Choose if you're installing a plugin or theme from the official WordPress repository ( or if you have the ZIP file that contains that item.

- Slug

If you choose to install from the official WordPress repository, you will need to enter the slug of that plugin. In this case, the slug is a part of the URL. 

For example, if you're about to install the free version of WooCommerce which can be found on, the slug is everything that comes after /plugins/, so you just need to write "woocommerce". 

Even if you're lazy to find the plugin on the repository first, simply start searching for it, and WP Reset will show you all available matches so you can easily select the free plugin from the list.


If you choose ZIP as the source of your plugin/theme, a new field will show up asking you to upload the ZIP file:

  1. Click on the "Choose ZIP" button
  2. Select a file from your computer
  3. Click "open" to load the file

- License Key

Most of the premium (paid) plugins require you to have a valid license key to activate them. If you're adding such a plugin to a Collection, simply enter the key here which will allow WP Reset to automatically activate the plugin/theme for you through Collections.

At the moment we support auto-activating licenses for the following PRO plugins:

  • Under Construction Page PRO
  • Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode PRO
  • Google Maps Widget PRO
  • Ninja Tables PRO
  • SEOPress PRO
  • Elementor PRO
  • Astra PRO addon
  • Advanced Custom Fields PRO
  • Oxygen Builder
  • Oxygen Builder Gutenberg Integration
  • Oxygen Builder WooCommerce Integration
  • All plugins using the Freemius licensing system


The note is a text that's only visible to you. You can write anything you want in order to remind yourself about that specific plugin/theme you're adding.

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