Do you have a white-label version of the plugin or dashboard?

Yes, we do have a white-label version of the plugin. It is available for all Agency license holders and can be quickly activated via the Dashboard for any site.

While editing a license, enable the white-label feature box, and save changes. After that, all sites using the selected license key will automatically get a white-labeled version of the plugin.

When activated, the white-label feature will remove WebFactory branding and logos from the plugin, as well as hide the license key information.

How to Customize the White Label info

When you activate the White Label feature through the Dashboard, a new editor will appear. Here you can add anything you want, and customize what's being displayed in the "Support" tab of the plugin.

Use it to add extra info about your company or services, show videos, or provide a way for your customers to contact you. The text length limit is 5,000 characters.

The Result

After customizing the White Label info, you can get something like this:

Collections & White-label mode

When you activate the White Label mode, all plugins that are activated with this type of license will not be able to edit Collections and add new plugins or themes to them.

If you're the owner of the Collection and need to update it, make sure to access the Collection from a plugin that has the White-label mode turned off or turn it off by editing that particular license from the dashboard.

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