Add New Collection

Instead of installing plugins & themes over and over again, Collections give you the ability to create as many lists of your favorite items as you want & need and install them with one click

Then, when you decide to install plugins & themes in bulk, all you have to do is to select a Collection from the list and let WP Reset handle the rest.

WP Reset stores collections in the cloud so they're accessible on every site you build. You can use free plugins and themes from the official repo, and PRO ones by uploading a ZIP file directly to the Collection. We'll safely store your license keys too, so you have everything in one place.

How to Add a new collection:

  1. Click on the Add New Collection button
  2. Name the Collection as you want or write a short description
  3. Confirm by clicking on the blue "Add new collection" button" and wait for a few seconds

You should see the collection appear below, on the list of all collections where you can continue editing it.

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