Delete MU Plugins & Drop-ins

Delete Must-Use Plugins & Drop-Ins are now Manage Must-Use (MU) Plugins and Manage Drop-ins separated so you can enjoy enhanced control over their WordPress environment. This update streamlines the management process, allowing users to efficiently handle these elements individually, ensuring a smoother and more tailored experience. With this update, users can precisely address specific aspects of their site's functionality with ease and precision.

MU (Must Use) Plugins are located in /wp-content/mu-plugins/  and are, as the name suggests, must-use plugins that are automatically activated by WP and can't be deactivated via the plugins interface, although if any are used, they are listed in the "Must Use" tab.

Drop-ins are pieces of code found in /wp-content/  that replace the default, built-in WordPress functionality. Most often used are db.php  and advanced-cache.php  that implement custom DB and cache functionality. They can't be deactivated via the plugins interface but if any are present are listed in the "Drop-in" tab.

Before deleting anything open the WP Admin Plugins screen and have a look at your MU and drop-in plugins. A lot of managed hosting companies use them and deleting them is not advisable.

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