I can't add new plugins or themes to a Collection

When you create a new collection, you can quickly add new plugins and themes to it. But if you have turned on the White Label mode, adding new items to a Collection will not possible.

Turn off the White-label mode

If you using a White Labeled plugin, you will have to turn off the mode before you can upload new items to a collection. If this is your site, you can quickly edit the license:

  1. Go to your dashboard.wpreset.com.
  2. Open "Licenses" and select the license you're using.
  3. From the right-hand side of the screen, make sure the "White Label" option is unchecked.
  4. Save changes.

The other option is to access the WP Reset plugin from another site that's already activated with a regular license (where White Label is not turned on), where you can update your collections, and save changes.

If you have activated the plugin with a regular license, but still have problems adding new plugins and themes, please contact support.

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