The Sites settings page lists each website that's using your WP Reset licenses. On this page, you can see the status of each website, block sites (disable license for them), view the current version, and license keys. You can also see when the site was added to the system, and the last time that particular site pinged the licensing server.


If you have more than just one site added to the system, you will be able to quickly search your websites.

Block Site

By blocking the site from using a license, that license key will be immediately returned to the available pool of licenses (meaning, you can assign another site to it). The website will be deactivated next time it checks the license (pings). Remember, you can't instantly deactivate the plugin on a site. It'll happen the next time the site automatically checks the license or you do it manually on the site.

To block the site:

  1. Click on the red Block button
  2. Confirm the action by clicking the blue “Block Site” button

Remote Actions

These actions allow you to control a couple of important features remotely via Dashboard instead of requiring you to log in to the site.

Sync & revalidate license

Have you modified an active license and need to synchronize it with the site to apply changes? There's no need for opening the website and logging in anymore!

Simply go to your WP Reset dashboard, open the "Sites" tab, and check the new remote actions button that will sync and revalidate your license within a couple of seconds.

Open Emergency Recovery Script

Just below the "Sync & revalidate license button," you will find a link to the Emergency Recovery Script.

If you have installed the script on any particular site, it can now be accessed directly from the dashboard. You will still need your password, though.


Shows the current status of a site. A site can be Active or Blocked.


Shows the name of the website as well as its URL.

WP & Plugin ver

Shows the version of WordPress and WP Reset PRO plugin for each site. By checking this information, you can always know if you have the latest versions. If you do not have the latest version of the plugin, you can quickly get it by clicking the "Download Plugin" button from the menu located on the left-hand side of the screen. Sites that don't have the latest version will show the version tag in red.

License Key

Displays the license key being used by that particular sites. Next to the key, you will find the “Manage Licenses” button that will open the License settings page.

Added / Last Sync

Shows the date when the site was added to the system. Also, here you can see when was the last time that particular site contacted the licensing server which tells you if the site is active or not. Hover over the underlined timestamp to view more details.

Snapshot Stats

Another remote feature lets you check your snapshots for any site that is using WP Reset.

By clicking the"Snapshot stats" column located on the right-hand side of the screen, a new popup will emerge, showing the details about your snapshots — both the local ones and those that are uploaded to the Cloud.

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