Add New or Edit Licenses

By clicking on the Edit icon (pencil), you will be able to manage the selected license. A new settings page will appear, showing all available options regarding licenses.

License type:

Key - The license is activated with a license key (can’t be edited; you have to use the one randomly generated by the system).
Domain - the license will be activated without a key by matching the sites domain with the domain you enter in the Dashboard. This option does not support localhost sites.

This key should be used on a website in order to activate the plugin. As soon as you select the Key option, you will be able to see the auto-generated license key below, as shown in the image. You can copy this key to use it on a client’s site.

Maximum Active Sites

The option is available only when the License Type: Key is selected.

Enter the maximum number of active sites that can use this license key. While you can create ten licenses with ten sites max each (giving you a theoretical total of 100 active websites), you won’t be able to activate more sites than set by your purchase.

For purchases with an unlimited number of active sites, the limit is 100 per license. For the next batch, you will have to create a new license key and assign its max number of websites one more time, and so on.


The option is available only when the License Type: Domain is selected.

Set a domain for which you want to activate the plugin. Once you install the plugin on that particular domain, you just have to click "activate" to enable it. No key needed. Domain key type does not support localhost sites.

Please make sure to enter the site address exactly as shown in WP-Admin under Settings -> General -> Site Address. We don’t support any wildcards so, if you have multiple WP installations on the same domain, you have to create numerous license keys – each with the domain set to the site address.

Valid Until

Choose for how long the currently edited license will be available:

  • Forever – for lifetime products, this option makes the current license valid indefinitely as well. For non-lifetime products, this option makes the current license working only until the date set by the product you purchased. For example, if you have subscribed to a product for only one year, setting this option to forever makes this license valid for that one year as well. In case you continue the subscription, the license will be automatically prolonged to the new date set by date of purchase/subscription.
  • Pick a Date – Click on the date to open a calendar. Then simply choose a specific date until this license key will be valid for. For example, if you want that particular license to work only for two months on the client’s website, you can set the appropriate date and forget about it. Once the selected date arrives, the license will stop working. As already noted you can pick any date in the future, but your purchase limitations determine the date till when the license will be valid.

Additional Info

  • Purchase / Product – if you have purchased more than one product from WebFactory, you will be able to select the product for which you want to write down additional notes.
  • Note – write a note to remind yourself about the details of this specific license. This short message is visible only to you, so feel free to write anything you like. The note will be displayed next to the license at all times and available on hover for easier management.

Extra Features

  • White Label – check the box to hide the license key info and WebFactory branding. All websites using this key will not be able to see it. Also, those websites won’t show any traces of WebFactory (mentions, links, or logos).
  • WP Reset Cloud – If you want to enable collections & snapshots with this license through WP Reset Cloud, simply select this extra feature and save changes. The cloud option can only be enabled if you choose the domain type license or if your max sites limit is set to one. Cloud works only on single-domain licenses.

Available Collections

If you have created any Collections, you will be able to select them to be used with this specific license.

Update License

In order to save changes done on this page, click the blue Update License button.

Also, once you have updated the license, you will need to go to the plugins' settings -> license tab and click the "Save and Activate" button to reload the new settings.

Delete License

By clicking the button, you will be asked to confirm the deletion process. There is NO UNDO, but you can always create a new license and assign it to your sites.

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