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After you install the WP Reset PRO, it will be necessary to enter a license key to activate it.

The license key is visible on the screen right after purchasing. You can also find it in the confirmation email sent to the email address provided on purchase. Also, if you're an Agency license holder, you can create as many licenses as you need via the Dashboard where you can manage your purchases, licenses, and sites.

To easily access the dashboard, navigate to the License section and locate the WP Reset Dashboard button.

If you don't have a license - purchase one now. If you experience any problems, please contact support.

How to activate WP Reset PRO with a license key:

  1. Go to Tools -> WP Reset PRO
  2. Open "License" tab
  3. Enter your license key
  4. Click "Save & Activate License" button

How to activate WP Reset PRO without a license - keyless activation:

If you're an owner of an Agency license, you can access the Dashboard in order to control the licenses. If you set up a keyless activation for that specific domain, you can activate WP Reset PRO without entering a license key:

  1. Go to Tools -> WP Reset PRO
  2. Open "License" tab
  3. Click the "Keyless activation" button

If the domain name matches the one you entered in the Dashboard, WP Reset PRO will be instantly activated without a key.

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