Create a New Snapshot

Click “Create Snapshot” to create a new snapshot. A confirmation dialog appears asking for the snapshot name or brief description. This name serves only as a helpful reminder to you.

It’s not mandatory, nor used for anything else. If you omit the name a timestamp will be used to identify the snapshot.

If you have the WP Reset menu enabled in the toolbar you can create a snapshot from and admin page.

A list of tables that will go into the snapshot is generated by running  SHOW TABLE STATUS and picking all tables that have a name that starts with $wpdb->prefix. Those tables are then cloned by prepending a unique snapshot ID to their name, i.e. a51e42_wp01_comments using the following SQL code:

CREATE  TABLE  $new_table  LIKE  $original_table;
INSERT  $new_table  SELECT  FROM  $original_table;

As the last step, snapshot metadata is added to the list of snapshots.

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