Automatic Snapshots

Automatic Snapshots provide an easy& fast way to automatically save the state of WordPress before doing a major action such as running WP Reset tools and activating or deactivating a plugin or theme.

This can be useful either to compare what changes have been made, for example, what options were added when you install a plugin, or as a pseudo Undo functionality for certain actions.

In the case of plugin and theme manipulation, Automatic Snapshots also save a copy of the files for the plugin or theme that was updated or deleted so that, in case something goes wrong and you need to restore the snapshot, the files are restored as well.

There are 3 options that can be configured for automatic snapshots:

  • Automatically create snapshots before running WP Reset tools - this will create an automatic snapshot anytime you reset your website or run a WP Reset tool from the Tools tab
  • Automatically create snapshots when doing updates and manipulating plugins & themes - this will create an automatic snapshot when you activate, deactivate, or delete a plugin or theme. This will also create a copy of the associated plugin or theme.
  • Automatically delete automatic snapshots - this option will automatically delete old automatic snapshots based on your preference (by age, by count, or by size). Because snapshots store a copy of all your database tables, they can quickly fill your database space so you should make sure to limit the number of auto snapshots to prevent filling your database.

The previous state (snapshot) can be restored or compared to the current one with a single click. Snapshots are ideal to determine the footprint a plugin or theme makes and to test complex installation procedures when resetting WordPress each time is not an option.

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