MainWP WP Reset Extension

WP Reset now has introduced to their PRO users the latest addition to the features - MainWP Integration! This new feature brings seamless integration between WP Reset and MainWP, enhancing your website management capabilities like never before.

What's new

Effortless Setup: Easily download the WP Reset PRO MainWP Extension and install it on your MainWP Dashboard.

Activation Made Simple: Activate the extension within your MainWP Dashboard effortlessly.

Convenient Access: Access WP Reset PRO within your MainWP Dashboard under Extensions -> WP Reset PRO.

Remote Reset Functionality

Enhanced Control: Child websites running WP Reset PRO version 6.14 or newer can now be reset remotely.

Streamlined Management: Access WP Reset information and perform resets remotely for enhanced website management.

This integration opens up a world of possibilities, empowering you to manage your WordPress websites more efficiently and effectively.

Upgrade to the latest version of WP Reset now to experience the power of MainWP Integration firsthand!

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and enhancements coming your way.

Happy resetting! 🎉

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