The majority of tools available via GUI are available in WP-CLI as well. Those which are not yet available are on our to-do list.
To get the list of commands run wp help reset. Additional help is available for every command via the standard WP-CLI help interface. 

All actions have to be confirmed. If you want to skip confirmation use the --yes option. Remember, think twice, there is no undo.

Available WP-CLI commands


Reset the site database to default values. No files are modified. Instead of the active user, the first user with admin privileges found in the database will be restored along with the old password.

[–reactivate-theme] Reactivate currently active theme after reset.
[–reactivate-plugins] Reactivate all currently active plugins after reset.
[–reactivate-webhooks] Reactivate WP Webhooks plugin after reset.
[–deactivate-wp-reset] Deactivate WP Reset plugin after reset. By default, it will stay active after reset.
[–yes] Answer yes to the confirmation message.


Delete selected WordPress objects.

<plugins|themes|transients|uploads|custom-tables|htaccess> WP objects to delete.
[–empty] Empty (truncate) custom tables instead of deleting (dropping) them.
[–yes] Answer yes to the confirmation message.


List and manipulate DB snapshots.

<list|create|restore|export|delete> Action to perform with snapshot.
[–id=<snapshot-id>] Specify snapshot ID when doing restore, export and delete.
[–name=<snapshot-name>] When creating a new snapshot specify an optional name.
[–yes] Answer yes to the confirmation message.


Display WP Reset version.

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