Can previous LTD buyers buy & stack codes on existing licenses?

Initially, current license holders were not able to buy and stack AppSumo codes on top of their accounts. However, after many requests from our old users, that's now possible!

If you have an old LTD account and you buy codes on AppSumo please note:

  • You have to email us! You can't stack codes on your own (we know, we know, we're working on it :))
  • For each AppSumo code you get 5 extra cloud site licenses added to your account
  • If the total amount you paid (for the LTD and the codes) is greater than $343 then you get 3 GB per site, otherwise, it's 2 GB per site
  • The number of site licenses is, again, determined by the total amount you paid - for unlimited $245, for 150 $196, for 100 $147 and for 50 sites $98 min
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