Delete .htaccess File

This functionality proves invaluable when encountering scenarios where modifications have been inaccurately made, resulting in functionality or security concerns on your website.

By selecting this option, WP Reset seamlessly substitutes the existing .htaccess file contents with the default configuration of WordPress, reinstating it to a recognized and stable state. This serves to troubleshoot issues about permalink structure, redirection, and other settings governed by the .htaccess file.

This tool deletes the .htaccess file located in the site’s root, or, to be more precise, in  get_home_path()  folder. 

No WP settings are touched after deleting the file meaning that permalinks (pretty links) will not work after .htaccess is deleted. Use the "Restore .htaccess to default WP values" button to restore htaccess to default values.

It's crucial to acknowledge that employing this feature will overwrite any personalized rules or setups within your .htaccess file. Consequently, exercising caution is advised, along with the recommendation to back up any bespoke configurations before initiation.

If you need to edit .htaccess and don’t want to mess with FTP install our free plugin – WP Htaccess Editor. It makes automatic backups and checks htaccess syntax before saving.

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