Empty or Delete Custom Tables

This tool affects only custom database tables that start with a prefix defined in  wp-config.php file ($table_prefix variable). Other tables in the database that do not have that prefix and WP core tables are not affected by it. 

  • Deleting (dropping) tables completely removes them from the database
  • Emptying (truncating) removes all content from them, but keeps the table structure intact

Running the tool will NOT remove any WP Reset Database snapshots you have.

A list of custom database tables is retrieved by running SHOW TABLE STATUS SQL command and then iterating through tables to pick ones that start with $wpdb->prefix but are not on the list of default WP tables; commentmeta, comments, links, options, postmeta, posts, term_relationships, term_taxonomy, termmeta, terms, usermeta, users.

Depending on the chosen tool, custom tables (if any) are either emptied with TRUNCATE TABLE or deleted with DROP TABLE.

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